Skilled hands make difficult, artistic work look easy and fun.  The Offpeakers are fortunate to have dear friends with amazing creative skills, some of which include: painting and wallpaper specialists, natural farmers, a master scuba diver, cake wizard, needlework experts, a noted game developer, a top notch welder and fabricator, travel blogger, auctioneer, and some presumed international secret agents.

Terry with the author of Netti's Dream, our friend Barbara Cairn

Terry with the gifted author of Nettie’s Dream, our friend Barbara Cairns.  We are in the State Park’s Discovery Center where she volunteers.  Such a busy lady!

One of our dear gifted friends is Barbara Cairns, who we met at the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs State Park in Florida.  There her dynamic work as a volunteer helps people learn more about the park and its exciting wild life, particularly the manatee.

Barbara is the only person we know who has co-workers like these :-)

Barbara is the only person we know who has co-workers like these!

Barbara is a noted children’s author who’s books delight, entertain, and educate.  (Spoiler alert, we know what we are sending our nephews for Christmas!)

The book cover for Gatsby's Grand adventure.

The book cover for Gatsby’s Grand adventures.

Barbara is a fascinating study on her own (school teacher and principal in the Great White North and other exciting international posts, learned to fly from a bush pilot) and a brilliant story teller.

She even wrote a book about her pet Nimh!

She even wrote a book about her pet Nimh! Lucky & cute rat!

Happily her first novel, Nettie’s Dream, is now available.  Most interesting novels involve spies, corporate takeovers, and international intrigue.  Nettie’s Dream involves a small sea side village in Maine, a lobster boat, and an exuberant Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

We imagine Bo to be this cute when he was a puppy!

We imagine Bo to be this cute when he was a puppy!

Trust me, it works and soon you are pulled into the fascinating world of Lobster Bay.  This is a mature book about people taking another chance in life, smarter and seasoned, but with the same enthusiasm and the some of the familiar insecurities of their youth.

Cover page of Nettie's Dream

Cover of Nettie’s Dream

This fun novel will make you laugh aloud and also tense as she faces grave situations that are much closer to home than a missing satellite or a turncoat spy.  Terry and I read this out loud to each other as we drove around on our latest road trip.  We speculated about plot turns and loved the vivid descriptions of food, people and places.  The Offpeakers appreciate your book taking these travelers back to beautiful Maine!  It is always fun to see special people do well, and Barbara has certainly crafted an entertaining novel.  We highly recommend Nettie’s Dream and wish Barbara the very best in her literary career.