Offpeakers in Machu Picchu, Peru

Hi, we are the OffPeakers, John and Teresa (Terry, Teresa, Tinet). Fast approaching fifty when we started this journey, we were a typical American family...2 jobs, 2 cars, 2 kids, 2 hour commute, too little time together, a mortgage, always tired and then realized that we were not satisfied with our current lifestyle.   

Once our  kids were making their own life choices, we took the opportunity to embrace change ourselves. We started with the rather obvious but important discovery that we control our destiny and had the power to make rapid and important changes to our lifestyle and priorities in order to make the most of our time and opportunities. Not satisfied to plod along to 65, we committed to make the  conscious effort to be Offpeakers.  

We define Offpeakers as people who make an effort to maximize the value, enjoyment and utility of life while minimizing the hassles, expense, annoyances, and waste. We worked hard for our investments, now it is time they work for us.  We minimized our belongings, sold our house, quit our jobs, and headed west. Unloading our Uhaul trailer in Dad's barn, we took off on a 5 month tour of Central and South America. When we returned we enjoyed a long road trip incorporating exciting House Sitting opportunities we called the Great American Road trip (we loved it!) . We moved to Port Angeles, Washington after being on the road to be close to nature as we love the outdoors. We also fulfilled a dream of going back to school to continue learning on subjects we both find interesting, challenging and fun. At the unique, slightly remote but picturesque Peninsula College we both thrived. John took carpentry and woodworking classes and Terry learned how to code, make movies and illustrations. 

We could continue being students but the travel bug bit us once again, so we packed our bags and left the US July, 2017. We started of in Nicaragua where we experienced living in a Carribean Island followed by a 5 week house sit in Costa Rica and are currently house sitting in New South Wales, Australia. In between house sits we are exploring the country via camper van and are having the time of our lives! We want to use this forum to document our adventures, share stories with friends, and maybe even inspire people in the same manner we were inspired by our favorite writer, blogger, and internet oracle, Mr. Money Mustache (if you are new to MMM, please take the time to check him out!).  

There really is so much more to life than working 9-5, maintaining a home, shopping, watching TV and paying a mortgage. We are living proof that we all can enjoy and make our dreams become a reality. What are your dreams?  Are you doing what you love? 

Everyone has a story and a passion.  You are welcome to join our journey.